VictronConnect App


Monitor, configure and update firmware of all Victron products with

  • built-in VE.Direct port, such as BMV Battery Monitors, MPPT Solar Charger Controllers and Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct 250VA – 500VA.
  • built-in VE.Smart, such as the Blue Smart IP65 Charger and BlueSmart MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Connect to the product wirelessly using our VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle on iOS, Android and Mac. Or connect by using a VE.Direct to USB interface on Windows, Mac and Android*.See VictronConnect manual for more information.

* A compatible device and a USB On-The-Go cable is required.

Software Downloads

 (v4.3) – Windows
 Download for Android from Play Store
 Download for Mac from App Store
 Download for iOS from App Store
 (v4.3) – Android .apk (armv7)
 (v4.3) – Android .apk (x86)
 (v2.12.16) – VE.Direct USB drivers
 (v3.3) – Windows installer (Windows XP and Vista)