About Us

Victron Energy supply only the best quality sustainable solar energy solutions on the market. We offer a wide range of solar supplies like battery chargers, solar regulators, solar converters and various other solar components.

We are able to satisfy any sustainable energy application requirements as our product range features the most innovative and technologically advanced products for alternate power solutions on the market. If you need a sustainable energy source to help combat your home or businesses energy costs then we can definitely help you.

After Sales Service

A major focus of ours is our after sales service and repair departments and we have successfully setup a fully functional support structure for our various product lines. All of the products we prove can be easily maintained or repaired by us. Our clients happiness is our top priority.

Solar Solutions

Supplying solar components to our well established customer base was our first entry into the energy solutions market. We have now expanded into supplying our clients a full solar solution with an installation option for the off-grid or grid-tie markets.

The Products and Services that we focus on

  • Autotransformers
  • Battery Chargers with built-in battery controllers and fully monitored battery capacities
  • Battery Isolators and combiners
  • Battery protectors with auto ranging
  • Bi Directional Inverters
  • Blister Packages
  • Cabling
  • DC/DC power converters and module converters
  • Load shedding solutions
  • Independent Off Grid Inverters
  • Promotional Branding
  • Various Solar accessories
  • Solar Battery Monitors
  • Solar regulators
  • Digital Multi Control Panels, Remote Control Panels and Charge Controllers
  • Transfer Switches