Victron BlueSolar PWM 12/24-10

PV voltage up to 150 V

The BlueSolar MPPT 150/70 and 150/85 charge controllers will charge a lower nominal-voltage battery from a higher nominal voltage PV array. The controller will automatically adjust to a 12, 24, 36, or 48V nominal battery voltage.

Spec Sheet


The BlueSolar PWM-Pro series is ready for use with its default settings. It also is fully programmable.

  • Lighting control function, fully programmable.
  • Three stage battery charging (bulk, absorption, float), fully programmable.
  • Integrated battery monitor function (Remote Panel needed to display state of charge).
  • Load output with low voltage disconnect and manual control (default setting).
  • Optional external temperature sensor.
  • Load output protected against over load and short circuit.
    Protected against reverse polarity connection of the solar panels and/or battery.

Technical Data

BlueSolar PWM-Light 12/24-10
Battery Voltage 12/24 V with automatic system voltage detection
Rated charge current 10A
Automatic load disconnect Yes
Maximum solar voltage 28V / 55V (1)
Self-consumption < 10 mA
Load output Manual control + low voltage disconnect