Orion 12/24-10 DC-DC Non-Isolated Converter

All models with adjustable output can also be used as a battery charger For example to charge a 12 Volt starter or accessory battery in an otherwise 24 V system.

Spec Sheet

Order Code: Orion 12/24-10


High efficiency

Using synchronous rectification, full load efficiency exceeds 95%.

IP43 protection

When installed with the screw terminals oriented downwards.

Screw terminals

No special tools needed for installation.

Technical Data

Non-Isolated converters Orion 12/24-8
Input voltage range 9-18
Undervoltage shutdown (V) 8
Undervoltage restart (V) 10
Output voltage (V) Adjustable
F set 26,4V
Efficiency 95%
Continuous output current 10A
Max. Output current 20