MPPT Control

Spec Sheet

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The MPPT Control lets you see the status as well as set up all BlueSolar MPPT Charge Controllers that have a VE.Direct communications port. The new MPPT Control is mounted in the familiar housing, maintaining a consistent and professional look to your panels and systems monitoring equipment.

To easily mount the MPPT Control on a wall, instead of flush mounted in a panel, use one of our wall mount enclosures

Technical Data

MPPT Control
Supply voltage range 6,5 – 95 VDC (Battery powered)
5V (VE.Direct powered)
Current draw, back light off < 4 mA
Operating temperature range -20 – +50°C (0 – 120°F)
Supported MPPTs
Models All models with VE.Direct port, except the
BlueSolar MPPT 70/15
Software version All software versions >= 1.12
Installation Flush mount
Front 63 mm diameter
Front bezel 69 x 69 mm (2.7 x 2.7 inch)
Body diameter 52mm (2.0 inch)
Body depth 31mm (1.2 inch)