BlueSolar MPPT 12/24-40

40A at 12V or 24V

The charge controller in a solar system is a device necessary for the proper operation of the entire system. It is a connector between photovoltaic panels and the battery and receivers.

Spec Sheet


This charge controller ensures that parameters such as current and voltage at the solar battery output are transformed so that the battery is charged with the correct current and voltage. The omission of the regulator in this system would result in a significant reduction of battery life and its complete deterioration (it is the frequent charging of batteries directly from the PV panels that causes the battery to break down quickly!). In addition, the regulator ensures that energy transmitted from loads to the battery is used rationally. This means that when the battery is discharged below the safe level, the regulator disconnects the load, thus preventing excessive discharge of the battery and shortening its service life.


  • – Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller. Increases charge current by up to 30% compared to a PWM controller.
  • Charge voltage settings for eight battery types, plus two equalize settings.
  • Remote temperature sensor.
  • Protected against overcurrent.
  • Protected against short circuit.
  • Protected against reverse polarity connection of the solar panels and/or battery.
  • With low voltage load disconnect output.

Technical Data

BlueSolar BlueSolar MPPT 12/24-40
12V 24V
Battery Voltage 12/24V Auto Select (2)
Rated charge current 40A
MPPT Tracking Yes
Second battery output No
Automatic load disconnect Yes(maximum load 15A)
Maximum solar voltage 28/55V (2)