High output alternator with multi-stage regulator

Balmar is the renowned American producer of professional high output alternators, intelligent charge regulators and other accessories. A high output alternator can be an excellent alternative for a small AC generator. The alternator does not require valuable floor space, will cost less and will be more reliable.

Specs sheet
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The standard alternator on the main engine is intended for charging the starter battery. Starting the engine requires a high current, but in a very short time, so that the battery remains nearly fully charged. The starter battery can, therefore, be recharged to its full capacity with a low output alternator and a simple single stage regulator. The charge voltage is in general set at approximately 14 V or 28 V. The service battery, in general, has a much higher capacity and will often be deeply discharged. At the same time, the requirement is to recharge the service battery as fast as possible. This can only be achieved with a high output alternator and increased charge voltage. Under these conditions, an intelligent multi-step regulator will be needed to avoid early failure of the battery bank.


• Breadth of product range and installation flexibility.
• Compact and fully isolated alternators.
• Internal constant-voltage regulator does not need to be removed when connecting an intelligent
external regulator (6-series alternators only). The internal regulator remains available as a back up if ever the external regulator would fail.
• The intelligent regulators are completely encapsulated: waterproof, shockproof and ignition
protected. The advanced charge curve is the result of many years of experience.

Technical Data

Alternator model 60-150-SR-IG 60-24-70-SR-IG 94-210-12-IG 94-140-24-IG
Alternator model 604-150-SR-IG 604-24-70-SR-IG
Alternator model 621-150-SR-IG 621-24-70-SR-IG
Rated current 150 A 150 A 210 A 140 A
Nominal output voltage 12 V 24 V 12 V 24 V
Maximum rpm 15.000 15.000 6500 6500
Dual vee pulley yes yes yes yes
Pulley diameter 6,8 cm (2,7 inch) 6,8 cm (2,7 inch) 6,8 cm (2,7 inch) 6,8 cm (2,7 inch)